Becoming A Nimble Entrepreneur

A few years ago, I discovered  how to become a nimble entrepreneur, my way, as an "infopreneur", a special form of "solopreneur".

In other words, I learned how to quickly recognize and seize income-generating opportunities where my know-how would be undeniable assets.

Claude Jollet Nimble Entrepreneur Online As Claude Jollet
Nimble "Solopreneur"
As "Infopreneur"

I found that the best way to remain nimble is to test, online, the potential of markets in which my knowledge will give me an edge.

I concentrate first on building a loyal following within my intended audience. I achieve this by sharing what I know, generously. The more I share useful information with the people looking for it, the greater my income. I'll explain in a moment.

Because I like to do things my way, I chose to be a "solopreneur" "infopreneur" instead of a classic entrepreneur. I only offer my information and services online. No inventory. No employees. No overhead. No grueling hours. No stress. Just an all around rewarding occupation.

Going online gives me another advantage. I can avoid large expenses, for which I would have to borrow like any other entrepreneur "blindly" following the “traditional” start-up pattern. Debts are shackles I can do without when I explore a new market!

To illustrate what I mean by "nimble entrepreneur", let me give you a few examples of what I created to generate income online. The techniques that I learned and applied enabled me to "nimbly" and successfully attend to the needs and expectations of totally unrelated markets, one after the other!

The Ham Radio Enthusiast Market

Do you have a hobby? Mine is ham radio. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1973. My call sign is VE2DPE. That hobby is a passion of mine. I can easily go on for hours when people ask me about it!

However, I doubted very much that there was enough interest on the Web, for what I knew about amateur radio, to turn my knowledge of it into income.

I was wrong.

The market research and analysis (R&A) techniques, that I learned to use, revealed a strong demand for information about the amateur radio hobby. Amateur radio operators from around the world are always looking for ideas about antennas, software and other ham radio equipment.

The same R&A techniques also enabled me to discover that my "competition" (existing websites attempting to inform amateur radio operators) was mostly difficult to find and ill-organized.

I decided to jump in.

I poured all my passion into and I was rewarded handsomely for my efforts. How? My website  generates “passive” income from:

  • Ads that I allow on my pages (Google Adsense mostly).
  • Ads that I post as an affiliate. I earn a commission when people buy other people's products and/or services through me.

Each year now, more than 200,000 visitors pay my website a visit.

That's enormous visibility! I could start a business with that visitor traffic, if I wanted to! But I'm almost 70 years old. I'm more than happy with the income from that website as it is. I do not feel the need to turn it into a full-fledged business, with inventory, order taking, shipping, and so on. I'm happy to know that I could, though. Perhaps my son will take my site beyond the “passive income stage” one day. If not, I'll sell it and someone else will.

The Simple Math
Behind Income Generating

I am not going to tell you how much income my website generates each year, of course.

Instead, consider this. The math is simple. If most visitors were to, somehow, generate only five cents of income each before leaving, how much income would that amount to in a year, with the volume of traffic I gave you just above?

Get the idea?

It gets much better if you have your own product or service to sell.

If, like me, you were given clear instructions to build an income-generating website, especially engineered to attract that high level of incoming visitor traffic, do you think it would generate an interesting income for you?

The answer is yes, indeed!

Simply put, I succeeded by generously sharing my knowledge and passion for my hobby! I implemented a proven online-income-generating-process. More on this process in a moment.

My Other Sources Of Income Online

  • targets the weather enthusiast market. Its visitors generate income by buying products and/or services through affiliate ads that I post on my website pages, and/or by hiring me as meteorological consultant.

  • I created to promote our B&B to the tourist market. The bookings that website generates provide another source of income for us.

  • targets the weather observing enthusiast market. Affiliate ads and people hiring my services as weather observing technical consultant provide yet another source of income.

You will have noticed that the latter two websites are in French. It pays if you can cater to your targeted audiences in more than one language!

The Nimble Entrepreneur
Enabling Process

The websites above constitute verifiable proof that you can succeed in any market online if you are willing to share the knowledge and know-how, that you possess, and that your targeted audience is looking for.

I learned how to become a nimble entrepreneur by implementing the SBI online business building and marketing process as prescribed. As "infopreneur", I'm in the business of providing specialized decision-making information and services. SBI enables me to:

  • Identify and quantify demand for what I already know.
  • Design and build a website to meet that demand, head on.
  • Exceed expectations!
  • Build my credibility so that people hire my services.

Trust SBI to make your knowledge and know-how generate income for you. You need much more than a website to accomplish that. You need to implement a comprehensive income-generating process. SBI is the only proven one.

This website's content is intended to help you understand the many income generating possibilities that lie within your reach. Hopefully it will spark your interest. If so, you stand to make rewarding use of your knowledge and know-how in ways you had never thought possible before!

Explore and enjoy!

Claude Jollet
Nimble Entrepreneur Online
"Outwitting the competition"

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